Modern Research Studies
ISSN: 2349-2147
Modern Research Studies
An International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Author Guidelines

Please read the instructions carefully before submitting an article/paper for review and publication. Follow the instructions given while preparing the paper.

Authors’ Conduct:

  • Authorship of the paper should be limited only to those who have made significant contribution in the concept, execution and finding of the research.
  • Plagiarism should be avoided at all cost.
  • Submitting the same paper to more than one journal/publisher is against the ethics of the journal.
  • Due acknowledgement should be given to other’s works that influenced/shaped the research.
  • The paper should contain sufficient detail and references for other readers/researchers to augment it.
  • If the author finds any significant error in the published work, it should be communicated to the Managing Editor by e-mail for withdrawal and removal of the paper from the database of the journal.

Submission Guidelines:

The journal publishes texts in English with both UK and US spelling, as long as it is consistent. Submissions should follow the APA Style Manual (6th edition), be sent as MS-Word files (.doc/.docx) or OpenOffice Writer files (.odt), single spaced and format all referencing to references/in-text citations accordingly. For a quick guide to APA style check APA Style. The journal accepts all original works (research articles/short fiction/poems/reviews/interviews) and the submission must be only via e-mail as attached documents (single attachment).

As we publish only original works, authors are required to check that it does not contain plagiarized material in it and the responsibility lies solely with the author in case of any plagiarism. Any work with evidance of plagiarism might be removed/ rejected at any stage. In case of reproduced works, authors are responsible for obtaining copyright-clearance. Once published, it is regarded that authors have accepted the terms and policy of the journal. By submitting a paper to Modern Research Studies, authors accept the terms of the journal that:

(a) it has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere,

(b) it shall not be sent for purpose of publication to any other publication firm till a decision is made by the editors of Modern research Studies,  and,

(b) the authors have read and would abide by the guidelines of Modern Research Studies.

Submission Deadline:

Articles/papers can be sent anytime as they are accepted throughout the year. However, the journal follows the following time frame for acceptance and publication for each issue:

  • on/before 15 February: March Issue
  • on/before 15 May: June Issue
  • on/before 15 August: September Issue
  • on/before 15 November: December Issue

Completed articles/papers should be sent to the Managing Editor at: /

Format of the articles/papers:

Authors should see that the work is typed as per the format given below:

  • The entire text should be typed in Times New Roman/Arial; font, size 12;  single spaced, and justified.
  • Full Title with subtitle, if any, in bold letters and font size of 14.
  • Name and Affiliation of the Author/s, contact details & e-mail should be on the first page only.
  • An abstract of the article of about 120-170 words, with 5-8 keywords.
  • There is no fixed word limit but it should be around 2500-8000 words, inclusive of Works Cited and Tables.
  • Word limit for Short Fiction/ Interview is around 2000-5000; Reviews, 750-1500, and Poems should not be more than 1000 in words. Reviews should be accompanied with a copy of the book/work reviewed (soft copies allowed).
  • Author/s should be careful regarding grammatical and typographical errors.
  • Quotations/citations in languages other than English are to be supplemented with translations and font files. Authors should send the paper in PDF file also, in addition to the MS Word file in such cases.
  • Papers with phonetic symbols or other such texts should be accompanied by a PDF file.
  • Page layout should be in A4 size, portrait layout, 1 inch margin on all sides.
  • Tables/Charts/Diagram, if any, should be clear and well incorporated in the given page layout (preferably PNG file).
  • The complete article should be followed by a brief bio-note (40-80 words) of the author/s.

Review Process:

Papers are peer reviewed before publication in Modern Research Studies. The process is initiated after the paper has been checked for plagiarism with Plagiarism Checker X Pro, and its completeness and meeting the criteria for the journal. The authors remain anonymous to the editors who review the papers and vice versa. The journal authorities will not provide any detail report on the manuscripts rejected outright by the reviewers; reports will be made available only to authors whose works have been suggested for improvement, minor or major corrections, and might be accepted after revision. Even after the process of review and revision made as per the guidelines of the reviewer, the revised papers will undergo the same process of review. The main criteria for acceptance lie with originality, consistency, integrity, broad context, readership relevance and style. However, the final authority for publication lies with the Editor-in-Chief of the journal. Modifications and changes, if any, which the author/s would like to make in the papers can be communicated by e-mail before publication. Once published, no change would be allowed. In case of significant errors, if any, found by the author/s, communications by e-mail can be made to the Managing Editor for withdrawal and removal of the paper from the database of the journal.

Response time:

Articles and other original works are accepted throughout the year (see Submission Deadline) and response time is a week. If there is no response even after the elapse of 7 days after manuscript submission, a reminder is best sent again. Review would take 3-5 weeks, depending upon the quality of the paper and the response from the reviewer. Once accepted by the editors, acknowledgement would be sent within a couple of days.

Processing/Publication Fee:

The journal charges no fee for any pubication/subscription. Modern Research Studies is an Open Access journal and its content is freely accessible via internet as PDF files.

© Copyright Notice:

Authors retain copyright and grant the first publication right to NIT Agartala. Authors can reproduce the work in other publication/s with an acknowledgement of its first publication in this journal and it can be shared and adapted in any form or medium. Select works from the journal would also be published as books (print/non-print) and the editors would seek permission from authors before any such publication.