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Modern Research Studies
An International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Frequently asked questions:

What is the format of the paper to be sent in the journal?

MS Document (.doc/.docx) or OpenOffice Writer (.odt), A4 size, portrait layout, one inch space on all sides, single spaced, Times New Roman/Arial, font size 12, APA Style. See AUTHOR GUIDELINES for details.

Where and how to send the papers?

Only by e-mail to /

How do I know that my paper has been accepted for publication?

Authors would be intimated with an e-mail once their papers have been accepted. All contacts are made via. e-mail. Authors can enquire anytime.

Can I know who has reviewed my paper?

The journal follows a blind peer review system. Identity of authors remain anonymous to the editors who review the paper and vice versa.

Why are there some changes in my paper?

The changes are because of proof-reading, editing, formatting, etc. which is necessary for publication in the journal. This process is mandatory for bringing uniformity and quality maintenance of the journal.

How can I get a copy of my published paper?

Modern Research Studies is an Open Access Journal. All its contents can be seen/read/downloaded from its website by anyone. Printed copies are not provided.

Can I make changes to my paper?

Changes should be made only before publication. No change is allowed after publication. Papers can be withdrawn if the author finds that significant errors have been made in the paper. All correspondence should be made with the Managing Editor by e-mail in this regard.

Can I modify and print/publish it with another publisher?

Authors retain the copyright of their work. Modern Research Studies has only the first publication right granted by the authors.  Papers can be modified/published in any form and anywhere with the condition that the paper’s first publication to Modern Research Studies is acknowledged.

Where should I make the declaration?

Declaration should be made at the end-part of the document file. Remember to send everything in a single attached file. See the TEMPLATE for a quick view of the page layout.

What should be the declaration?

The declaration should be that you have read the Author Guidelines of the journal and that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of Modern Research Studies.

Why should I make a declaration?

The declaration is required to safeguard the interest of both the author/s and the journal and avoid any conflict of interest in future.

Who would make the declaration?

Declarations should be obtained from all the co-authors by the correspondent author but Modern Research Studies accepts the declaration made by the correspondent author and takes it as the declaration of all the co-authors as he/she is the sole person with whom the journal makes direct correspondence.

Can I send poems/stories for publication?

Yes, you can publish poems or short stories too as the journal encourages the creative talent of the authors.

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